I have a malformed ear so was a difficult case, but they took the time to adapt the hearing aid until it was just right. Want to commend them for their professionalism, patience and determination. Tomas really knows his stuff and works hard to make the patient happy. Glad to have found this place.
Jim Tedeschi, on Google
Such a great experience! They were very welcoming and friendly, check in was a breeze and I felt very comfortable during all of my testing. Amazing customer service and I highly recommend!
Jennifer Kelley, on Google
Great service by Tom and his staff. Always good to see them for their special care appointments.
Ralph Burnett, on Google
On a whim, I stepped into Willoughby Hearing and have never regretted it. Number one -- friendly and respectful. Number two - great service that continues after the purchase. Number three -- large monitors that provide transparency and viewing for both the practitioner and the client. Number four -- Tom takes a thoughtful, experienced approach to the client's individual needs and relates well to the client Number five - although I was looking for a Real Ear Measurement criteria, I was shown that the StarKey Livio Edge AI and its software provides a close testing model and I was very satisfied with it (Costco cannot do REM's because their marketing plan is different and their post-purchase testings are pre-set from the manufacturer to a limited general range) Number six - the front desk employee is friendly, responsive, and encouraging Number seven - from my observation, all clients were treated as well as I was with the same friendliness, willing service, and respect; that matters to me Number eight - so easy to drive to and park right in front of the store; no long wait times; quiet and room to move about; Number nine - both Tom and Remy care and are genuinely happy when their work makes a difference in your quality of life Need I say more? I could -- these people helped me out very much!!
Myrna Lynn Murdoch, on Google
Treatment was very fast and efficient and included new items to replace the problem hearing aids also I had been loaned a new set of aids to use while mine were sent to the repair facility. I am very satisfied with both the treatment and service I received at the Tigard Willoughby office.
Bill Neill, on Google

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