I enjoyed my visit with Willoughby Hearing Center. I was put at ease and the hearing test was very comfortable. I knew my hearing had diminished, but had no idea how much. When the aids were very were put in place and the volume was adjusted to what I should be hearing I was flabergasted! No wonder I can't always understand what folk are saying. Can hardly wait for my own to arrive.😃
Jeanne Christiansen, on Google
I have a malformed ear so was a difficult case, but they took the time to adapt the hearing aid until it was just right. Want to commend them for their professionalism, patience and determination. Tomas really knows his stuff and works hard to make the patient happy. Glad to have found this place.
Jim Tedeschi, on Google
Very professional, friendly staff. Knew their area of expertise. Would encourage people to go there.
Richard Allen, on Google
The staff is very professional and compassionate in ensuring that patients are comfortable with their hearing aids. I will definitely continue to use them.
Joe Salmonese, on Google
Such a great experience! They were very welcoming and friendly, check in was a breeze and I felt very comfortable during all of my testing. Amazing customer service and I highly recommend!
Jennifer Kelley, on Google

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