Excellent trusted care at Willoughby hearing in Tigard. I’ve worked with them over many years and they have excellent hearing specialists. They are professional, courteous and helpful. A Special thank you to Robert (district manager) who sets the precedence for excellent service!
Pardis Mehrassa, on Google
I had a very nice experience at Willoughby’s. Nice staff and very thorough exam
Gayla Gonsells, on Google
Great customer service. We arrived early for my appointment and the technician took me right in. Very good experience.
Fred Devietro, on Google
They were willing to stay late to accommodate me. Service is excellent! Great crew! Thanks!
Robert Sandberg, on Google
I enjoyed my visit with Willoughby Hearing Center. I was put at ease and the hearing test was very comfortable. I knew my hearing had diminished, but had no idea how much. When the aids were very were put in place and the volume was adjusted to what I should be hearing I was flabergasted! No wonder I can't always understand what folk are saying. Can hardly wait for my own to arrive.😃
Jeanne Christiansen, on Google

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